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The Treding Company named “Egasa Distribucion, S.L.” resident in Madrid, Embajadores 206, of indefinite duration, constituted as a Limited Liability Company through a writing confered before the notary that was from La Coruña Sr. Francisco Javier Sanz Valdés on the 26th of December 2008, under the protocol number 3.690, its been changed to a Limited Company with the expressed denomination, by the authorized writing by the notary that was from La Coruña Sr. Federico Maciñeira Teijerio, with date 24th of June 1992, protocol number 1.703, it adapted its statutes to the existing law of companies with limited liability authorized by date 11th of March 1998 cited by the notary Sr. Maciñeira Teijerio, protocol number 595, it moved its head office to current said before by authorized writing by the same notary Sr. Maciñeira Teijerio, by date 13th of March 2000, protocol number 665. Incribed figure in the Trade Register of Madrid, number 6.499, book 0, folio 173, section 8, sheet number M-105851, incription 8a. With the company tax number B-79001061.

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