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Who we are

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Under the parent company, Corporation Empresarial Egasa SL,  Egasa Distribucion is responsible for the commercialization of gaming and gambling machines (with and without prize), sports devices  (such as billiards, table football and dartboards) and any other material related to gaming and gambling entertainment. We also distribute vending machines and we offer assessment and other services to professionals of the gaming and the vending industry

We are authorized dealers of the principal national and international gaming machine and equipment manufacturers  and with  the experience acquired by our involvement in a Group considered leader in operating this type of devices, we advise our clients on how to optimize profits on their investments and, through our wide network of offices, we guarantee after sales maintenance and technical service.

Our professionalism and non-dependency on determined manufacturers allow us to offer all the products and solutions available in gaming or vending, to the entire satisfaction of our customers’ requirements.

Not only do we commercialize the best cost-effective products,  we also offer through our network of offices and branches,  any other service that our industry’s professionals may require, from gaming machine maintenance to document handling and processing as well as the integrated management of their operating company.
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